Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sidewalk Repair NYC

During the meeting with your sidewalk repair NYC contractor, you will want to gauge their interaction with you as well as their specific answers to your questions. Scam artists or contractors who are bad at their job can seem very friendly and personable before the real work gets started. Remember that you do not have to sign anything until you are satisfied with all of their answers to your questions, and that you may walk out at any time.

Here are some important questions to ask your sidewalk repair NYC contractor during the meeting. Get a pen and paper ready to write down their answers, just as you did during the phone call.

- How long has their company been in business?
- What is their permanent business address? Don’t be alarmed if this is a residential address; a good number of contractors do work from home.
- How many projects like yours have they completed in the past year? This demonstrates their familiarity with your particular needs.
- Are they licensed to work in your area? How long have they been licensed?
- Are they insured? What kinds of insurance do they have? Can they provide proof of insurance?
- Will your project require permits?
- Can they provide you with a quote and any reasoning for price? Be sure that all of the contractors you meet with in person give you similar quotes for pricing. If one gives you a quote that is much lower, this is most likely a scam or a guarantee of bad quality work.
- What do their payment schedules typically look like and are they willing to be flexible?
- Are they willing to show you a project they are currently working on? If so, check out their levels of organization and cleanliness and if possible, ask that homeowner if they are satisfied so far with the contractor’s work.

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